Bringing local NGO's to the Forefront

The Green Peace Alliance Consortium GREPAC facilitates joint approaches and advocacy and influences policy change, increasing  local, regional and international awareness and development issues. GREPAC influences positive policy change in areas of shared concerns raised by member organizations.

At GREPAC, We also build the capacity of local homebased nonprofit sector in to monitor and take action on public policies that affect the sector as a whole. Our Public Policy Committee directs our work in this area, in consultation with our membership. In addition to engaging in legislative and electoral activities, we believe that promoting the good works of nonprofits through outreach to the media and opinion leaders is also an important advocacy function.


Specifically, Our Advocacy policy AIM's to:

  1. Encourage and support local and community nonprofit engagement in the public policy process at regional local, states, national and regional levels.

  2. Provide nonprofits effective advocacy training and skill building opportunities.

  3. Build a unified voice for the sector on matters affecting all nonprofits and use that voice to inform decision makers.

  4. Increase respect and support for the nonprofit community among elected officials, opinion leaders, and the general public.

The Power of Nonprofit Advocacy

The Green Peace Alliance Consortium GREPAC supports the advocacy rights of nonprofits, and believes that they can and should participate in public policy dialogue that affects their organization, community, and the people they serve.

At GREPAC we beleive that regional, local and community based nonprofits can add rich perspective to policy debates if they advocate, and advance their missions while doing so.


The National Council of Nonprofits points out: “Advocacy is deeply-rooted in nonprofits’ DNA. From before the time our nation were formed through today, citizens—recognizing there is power in numbers—have assembled in groups to influence public policy…Hardly an aspect of African life is untouched by the efforts of past generations who assembled through nonprofit organizations to, among other things: lobby for environmental protections that produced cleaner air to breathe and purer water to drink; launch campaigns to secure government investments in research to eradicate devastating diseases; push for enforcement of drunk driving laws to protect innocent people on roadways; pass child labor laws; and enact food safety laws.


That tradition lives on today as citizens have banded together through nonprofits to continue to influence public policy.”


Policy Alerts & Briefs: Our policy alerts educate and inform our readers about policy matters that impact our sector, and mobilize the sector should a call to action be necessary. We also issue policy briefs that explain current policy matters, why we support them (or don’t), how they align with our policy goals and agenda, and their most recent status.

The consortium coordinates and facilitates members' advocacy initiatives through the following process:

Identifying concerns
  • Canvassing for input and consensus from members

  • Creating advocacy task forces

  • Drafting position papers/statements

  • Presenting to members for ratification

  • Delivering key positions/concerns to stakeholders/target groups

  • Lobbying to collectively addressing concerns raised and achieving solutions

Estimated Results
  • Urgent and important joint actions are coordinated, and NGO key messages and advocacy positions are identified, facilitated and shared with stakeholders.

  • Increased public awareness of NGO programming and key humanitarian and developmental issues.

  • Links to international agencies and bodies for support of national advocacy initiatives and improved international awareness of main GREPAC concerns.

Main Activities
  • Establishing and maintaining close links to other external actors whose actions impact upon GREPAC members' work.

  • Identifying key protection concerns for vulnerable and marginalized persons and developing advocacy strategies.

  • Lobbying the Government to develop and enact progressive laws and policies that protect and promote safety and equality to everyone.

  • Networking with various national, regional and international institutions and processes to leverage advocacy actions for persons of concern.

  • Capacity building of various state and non-state actors on protection of vulnerable persons, marginalized, underserved communities and other persons in need.

  • Creating awareness among various state and non-state actors on the plight of vulnerable and marginalized persons and underserved communities.

  • Coordination and facilitation of public briefings and media events to increase public understanding of NGO programming and major humanitarian and developmental concerns in across GREPAC network in Africa.

  • Conducting protection monitoring visits to various key facilities and underserved communities to identify key protection challenges and trends, which then inform our advocacy strategies and interventions.

  • Monitoring compliance of state actors with the national, regional and international instruments regarding the protection of vulnerable and marginalized persons and underserved communities.

  • Coordination and facilitation of advocacy initiatives through an established process involving all Consortium member organizations.

  • Identification and development of positions and updates relevant to NGO activities in Cameroon and Sub Saharan Africa as a whole.

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Key Contacts

GREPAC Secretariat 

Office of the Director.
Mr. Emmanuel Akenji
CEO Mercy Initiative for Africa (MIFA) 

Administrative Assistance.
Miss. Kimbi Rachel  
CEO Reset the Mind Organization (RTM) 

Communications Department.
Miss Tabit Sandra Manda  
CEO Mandas Foundation (MF) 

Members Engagement Department.
Mrs. Nerissa Bedi Yaka  
PM YCD Cameroon. 

Chief Finance Acount Officer CFAO.
Miss. Fetung Ileen Chi
CEO Dynamic Ladies (DL)

Program Development Officer.
Mr. Forsab Mbah 

Partnership & Grant Administrator.
Me. Alih Stephen Ngu
African Fund For Judicial Assistance FAJ-PDH

Monitoring & Evaluation / Compliance Committee.

Leaders Steering Committee  LSC  /  BOD.

Technical Committee  LSC .

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