The Green Peace Alliance Consortium (GREPAC’s) aim is to provide long-term developmental assistance to people and communities striving for social well-being, and to offer relief in times of crisis.  Our purpose is to relieve poverty and to achieve sustainable development, leaving lasting benefits to the communities we serve.  In times of humanitarian crisis, our objective is to relieve suffering, to save lives, by providing a broad-based Initiative, establishes a foundation for a more robust future relationship between GREPAC member organizations, help to reflect a shared value and focus for seeking joint collaboration opportunities within each organization's respective vision, mission, and program focus.


As one of the most prominent consortium of home based civil society organizations, GREPAC Consortium has a responsibility to achieve the highest standards of ethical practice.  GREPAC is committed to transparent, ethical and professional management of all its operations and resources.


All the consortium members abide by the consortium’s agreement, codes and ethics and are responsible for conducting activities in accordance with accepted professional standards of accuracy, truth, integrity and good faith at the same time respecting the separate mandates and activities of each organization.


At all times and in all circumstances, GREPAC Consortium Members are expected to perform their roles in the best interests of the people and communities they are aiming to serve, respecting their cultures and values, assisting them to help themselves, and avoiding the creation of institutionalized dependence.



The GREPAC Consortium Statutes require Members:

  • to act in accord with the statutory requirements of their respective visions and missions while abiding to the consortiums status; 


  • to work to help combat hunger, sickness and poverty; provide emergency assistance; and contribute to sustainable ecological, social and economic development in Cameroon in particular and in Sub-Saharan Africa in General countries;


  • to ensure full independence from any political, religious or other considerations not related to aid and relief;  

  • to exercise all due and proper responsibility in all financial matters, including accuracy of fundraising literature, application of funds only in pursuance of the consortiums stated objectives, and the practicing of complete and accurate, public financial disclosure.





  • In responding to needs, Members will give consideration to the human rights record of recipient nations and structure their response accordingly.


  • Cooperation and assistance with organizations whose principles and practices are compatible with the standards of GREPAC Consortium is encouraged. 




  • Accounts must be audited in accordance with nationally recognized accounting principles and practices.


  • Members fully acknowledge the necessity of timely, accurate and relevant reports required under agreement with donor agencies.




  • Fundraising and administrative costs will be consistent with respective National codes.


  • Members shall seek to maximize the proportion of donated funds used in support of projects and programs, and to ensure that all expenditure on fundraising and administration is cost effective.




Designated funds, raised by specific appeals for particular objectives, will be allocated and spent in accordance with the stated purpose of the appeal and consistent with GREPAC Consortium policy on minimal charges.  Any unavoidable adjustments, resulting from changing circumstances, will be advised to the donors.




Members will employ responsible media and marketing techniques; promotion and advertising must be truthful and accurate and meet applicable advertising standards within their respective domains and countries.




All aspects of GREPAC Consortium Members’ governance, the nature of cooperation among the distinctive national GREPAC Consortium wing, and the relationships and responsibilities within the GREPAC Consortium Confederation, will be open and accessible to scrutiny.

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Key Contacts

GREPAC Secretariat 

Office of the Director.

Mr. Emmanuel Akenji

Mercy Initiative for Africa (MIFA) 

Deputy Director.

Mrs. Kimbi Rachel  

Reset the Mind Organization (RTM) 

Membership & Communications Department.

Mr. Ngadue Vidal  

Action for Peace and Development Cameroon

Senior Finance & Administrative officer.

Mrs. Elad Sella Suzanne

Dynamic Ladies 

Partnership & Grant Administrator.

Barrister. Alih Stephen Ngu

African Fund For Judicial Assistance FAJ-PDH

M&E / Compliance Officer.

Mr. Forsuh Emmanuel Fongwa

Ageing Community Care Organization ACCO

Leaders Steering Committee  LSC .

Technical Committee  LSC .

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