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Dr. Vofo Gaelle

Committee General Counsel / Corporate Controller / Active

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Barrister. Lovet Nkweti

Committee Legal Adviser / Corporate Controller / Passive


Ms. Tabit Manda Sandra

Internal - External Relations / Comunication Officer /  Passive


Barrister. Alih Stephen 

 Corporate Compliance Controller / Active


Mrs. Ileen Fetung

Chief Finance Account Officer / Corporate Controller / Active

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Mr.  Forsuh Emmanuel 

 Corporate Compliance Controller / Active


Mr. Forsab Mbah

Project Development Officer Corporate Controller /  Active

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Mr. Emmanuel Akenji

 GREPAC CEO / Compliance Advisory Member / Passive


Duties and Purpose

The Compliance Committee (“Committee”) is a standing committee which is responsible for ensuring that the Organization continues to conduct its operations and activities ethically, with the highest level of integrity, and in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. The Complaince Committee oversees the development, maintenance, and monitoring of all legallysound, practical, advocacy and sustainable programs (collectively “programs”) intended to satisfy the organization’s legal compliance obligations and to foster a culture of compliance with laws, regulations, humanitarian standards and organization policies.


The oversight activities of the Compliance Committee support GREPAC compliance programs, management, and the Leaders Steering Committee LSC / Board of Directors. Although the Committee, which includes the organization's Chief Compliance Officer, oversees compliance at GREPAC, the Management of GREPAC has primary responsibility for implementing and carrying out the programs. Material amendments to this Charter shall be reviewed and approved by the Audit Committee of the Leaders Steering Committee LSC / Board of Directors BoD.


When a member is unavailable to attend a Compliance Committee meeting, the member appoint a delegate at the level of Head Officers or above to represent the member at the meeting. Notice of such delegation is made in writing by the delegating member to the Committee Chairman. A delegate has the same duties, powers and obligations as the delegating member.


General Counsel, Quorum, Approvals, Record-taking & Meeting Frequency

The General Counsel is the leader of the Committee. The Leader of the committee designate an individual to prepare agendas and record and maintain meeting minutes. The Committee meets quarterly. Members may attend the meetings physically, telephonically or via other electronic means eg zoom etc. Ad hoc meetings of the Committee may be called as required by any member. Four members represent a quorum. A simple majority vote is required for all approvals, including revisions to this Charter. A representative of Internal Audit is invited to each meeting. The Committee may conduct an executive session at any time and may exclude any or all non-member attendees.



  • Foster a culture of ethics and compliance throughout GREPAC.

  • Advocate and promote global awareness of GREPAC’s compliance program efforts with the understanding that all employees are responsible for the compliance efforts of the organization.

  • Understand, generally, the nature of compliance risks and potential exposures to the organization, including the potential impact on GREPAC’s reputation, outreach operations and financial exposure.

  • Ensure that GREPAC's compliance programs are;

    • (a) designed to manage identified risks,

    • (b) capable of being monitored, scaled, and measured, and

    • (c) consistent with the guidance for Effective Compliance Programs provided by the Office of Inspector General and ministries concerned.

  • Implement a reliable, mechanism for facilitating the development, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of the programs.

  • Ensure that GREPAC programs are adequately resourced to achieve the objectives set by the Committee.

  • Prioritize compliance efforts and resources based on global business needs and risk assessment.

  • Identify and provide guidance to the Executive Director and the BoD for each existing and emerging compliance area.

  • Oversees the Compliance Efforts of GREPAC:

  • Review reports of compliance activities;

  • Review status of implementation of new programs;

  • Review and monitor reports of compliance issues, associated remediation/mitigation plans & any sanctions imposed;

  • Recommend the General Counsel authorize, as appropriate, investigations of possible compliance issues.

  • Report compliance issues, as appropriate, to the Board of Directors.

  • Review GREPAC Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Core Values on a periodic basis and recommend revisions, if any, to the Nominating and Governance Committee.