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What We Do

GREPAC is an innovative national platform empowering civil society for effective and transformative social change. 


What we do

The Green Peace Alliance Consortium GREPAC works both as an operational NGO and as an Advocacy NGO;

  1. Operational NGO: We focus on the design and implementation of development projects.

  2. Advocacy NGO: We prevent and promote specific causes and seek to influnce public policies.

GREPAC serves the needs of the nonprofit sector through our work in Advocacy, Convening, Representation, Coordination, Disseminating Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence, Capacity Building and Thought Leadership. The Green Peace Alliance Consortium GREPAC ensures a future in which Homebased, Regional and Community based nonprofits are Visible, Valued and Recognised as essential contributors to change in our society. We strive to connect, improve and advance all nonprofits to help build a thriving and vital communities.

What we offer

  • Advocacy: GREPAC amplifies the nonprofit sector’s voice through public policy and advocacy work on behalf of the nonprofit sector. GREPAC  directly advocates on behalf of all nonprofits, as well as catalyzes important conversations with policy makers and among nonprofits. We work to raise the awareness of nonprofits’ work, issues and need for policy change. We educate and inform policy makers and others at the local, state and federal levels to ensure that nonprofits can continue to do the direct service work they do for the benefit of our communities. Learn more.

  • Learning & Professional Development: GREPAC offers a wide variety of professional and volunteer development learning opportunities for nonprofit leaders and their staff. GREPAC workshops, webinars, and online resources ensure that local and community based nonprofits have access to valuable resources and opportunities. Learn more.

  • Referral Service: When nonprofits seek consulting services to meet challenges, support their growth, build effectiveness, and achieve excellence – whether it is a consultant to facilitate a board retreat on diversity, equity and inclusion, an interim executive placement, executive search, or other projects – GREPAC can match a nonprofit to a vetted and proven expert consultant or service provider. Consultants and service providers must be GREPAC Business Verified Affiliate Members. 

  • Coordination: GREPAC provides fora and platforms for nonprofits and agencies operating in Sub-Saharan African states, as well as various external stakeholders including donors, UN agencies and governments; thereby promoting and facilitating coordination of various initiatives and activities for and by its members. Through its coordination role, the Consortium encourages focused engagement on thematic issues and has created working group platforms for meetings and discussions on programming among its membership and with key external actors. GREPAC also convenes regular coordination meetings between the membership and other key stakeholders including OCHA. Learn more.

  • RepresentationThe Green Peace Alliance Consortium GREPAC members benefit from representation at national and international levels where joint solutions and approaches are facilitated and key NGO positions communicated. The Consortium, through the Director, represents members within a number of coordination fora and at specialized meetings such as: The Humanitarian Country Team (HCT), Development Partnership Forum, Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) Advisory Board, The Special Protection Unit (SPU) reform Task Force, The UN Security Management Team (SMT), National Action Plan (NAP). The Director meets with key stakeholders on behalf of the Consortium membership to explain and seek solutions to key NGO concerns and positions. Reports are fed back to the broader membership on a regular basis, encouraging maximum participation where relevant and possibleLearn more.

  • ConveningsGREPAC  provides opportunities for nonprofits and those that support the nonprofit sector to convene, network, discuss issues, offer solutions, and share best practices. GREPAC frequently partners with local, statewide and national networks, funders and research partners to convene these gatherings to create meaningful dialogue and discussion. Learn more.

  • Thought Leadership: GREPAC provides thought leadership at the overall nonprofit sector level about and for the nonprofit sector. We lead the effort to conduct, collate and share key research information about and for the nonprofit sector. We also ensure that local and community based nonprofits and the general public have relevant and timely information about changing ideas, opportunities and issues that affect nonprofits where we work.

Our Principles.

Independent of political, commercial, military, ethnic or religious.

Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

Our Mandate.

GREPAC consortium provide a broad-based Initiative between the participating parties and facilitates the exchange, production and provision of information and services for members to make informed decisions on operational and strategic issues, provide quality services and creates a platform for carrying out joint advocacy issues. 

The GREPAC Consortium was established to improve and raise the presence and profile of local non-governmental organization (NGO) representation within the aid coordination structure for Cameroon and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Key Contacts

GREPAC Secretariat 

Office of the Director.
Mr. Emmanuel Akenji
CEO Mercy Initiative for Africa (MIFA) 

Administrative Assistance.
Miss. Kimbi Rachel  
CEO Reset the Mind Organization (RTM) 

Communications Department.
Miss Tabit Sandra Manda  
CEO Mandas Foundation (MF) 

Members Engagement Department.
Mrs. Nerissa Bedi Yaka  
PM YCD Cameroon. 

Chief Finance Acount Officer CFAO.
Miss. Fetung Ileen Chi
CEO Dynamic Ladies (DL)

Program Development Officer.
Mr. Forsab Mbah 

Partnership & Grant Administrator.
Me. Alih Stephen Ngu
African Fund For Judicial Assistance FAJ-PDH

Monitoring & Evaluation / Compliance Committee.

Leaders Steering Committee  LSC  /  BOD.

Technical Committee  LSC .